Melina Comments on the WWE Releases, WWE Superstars Rating

– This past Thursday’s episode of WWE Superstars on WGN America scored an 0.64 rating with 647,000 viewers. The replay scored an 0.16 rating with 134,000 viewers.

– WWE Diva Melina wrote the following on Twitter the other day regarding the recent WWE releases:

“I see a lot of tweets regarding Mickie Katie and Shelton. Does anyone remember how I cried when I was drafter from Raw to SD? I didn’t want to leave my friends. I love them dearly. Now not having them there for out adventures… It breaks my heart 10 times worse! I don’t know and I don’t understand but I will always love and be there for all of them. They are my friends for all eternity no matter what. hope that everyone shows their support and encouragement. Show love and how their work made u Feel. They are exceptional people and in the world of wrestling, they can be back on the roster easily like Mercury & Crime Tyme. No one will ever know the reasons why or think it makes sense but the wwe are like our parents… They did it for a reason. It’s just not known to us. But my heart is broken. This is my family.”

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