Batista Done with WWE After Tonight’s PPV?

Source: PWInsider

– The word within the WWE locker room in Baltimore, which plays host to tonight’s WWE Extreme Rules PPV, is that Batista will be finishing up with the company this week. Batista is set to challenge John Cena tonight in a Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship.

Batista made headlines dating back to this past January when he made it known he was ready to retire within the year, after being burnt out and his aspirations to become a movie star. A majority of the WWE crew arrived early this weekend in Baltimore for the PPV and those within the backstage area believe Batista’s career in the WWE will come to an end shortly after the show.

While this all remains speculation, there is great belief that Batista will indeed retire from the ring.





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  • WWFman

    Good riddance to bad garbage!!!

  • Horseman420

    He gets hurt all the friggin’ time…..that’s his hiatus, or vacation or whatever he wants to call it………….ya wanna leave? Leave………..

  • thomas

    havsnt dave realized now that is why cena is the poster boy cause he wrestles while he is hurt and it seems like ever year 1 or 2 times a year batista is out with a injury

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