WWE SmackDown Results – 4/23/2010

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report – April 23rd, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider.com

We start off with a look back at last week’s Triple Threat Match between Jack Swagger, Edge, and Chris Jericho for the World Title that was successfully defended by Jack Swagger when he pinned Chris Jericho after a spear by Edge. We also take a look at what Swagger and Jericho did to Edge after the match.

We are live on tape from Uncasville, Connecticut and your announcers are Matt Striker and Todd Grisham.

We begin this week’s show with Jack Swagger coming to the ring for our opening match.

Before the match, Swagger has something to say. He says that he is on a roll. Last week, he defeated two future first ballot WWE Hall of Famers. Edge a nine time World Champion and Chris Jericho, the man who calls himself the best at what he does. Jack says that makes him the best now. Then on Monday, he dominated the Undertaker like no other superstar has been able to do, even Shawn Michaels. Swagger says that it is what is expected when you are the greatest natural competitor in the WWE. Jack says that he does not like to brag so he will let the video tape speak for him. We go to what happened on Monday night when Swagger was challenged by the Undertaker.

The crowd does not like the video package, which might have missed a few parts of the match.

Swagger says that video says it all. Jack says that he does not look like a winner in that video, he looks like a champion. Jack says that he hopes to become a permanent member of the Smackdown roster. A show where he is admired and where he can inspire an entire universe. He plans to dominate on Sunday night. He says that he knows that the Viper will be ready to uncoil and strike. He says that the venom can kill a normal man in three short seconds. Jack says that he is not a normal man. A normal man does not pull off thirty consecutive pin fall victories in NCAA Wrestling. He is going to go for the Viper’s head and he is going to cut it off.

Match Number One: Jack Swagger versus John Morrison in a Non Title Match

Swagger with a single leg sweep and he pushes Morrison away. They lock up and Morrison with a waist lock but Swagger with a standing switch. Morrison tries fro a take down to escape but Swagger holds on. Swagger tries to take Morrison to the mat but Morrison with a standing switch. Swagger with a slam but he misses a leg drop. Morrison hits the Shining Wizard but he can only get a near fall. Morrison with a kick to the ribs. Followed by a forearm and punches. Swagger with a waist lock take down and we go to commercial.

We are back and Swagger with a body scissors as he works on the abs. Morrison escapes the hold but Swaggerw holds on to a waist lock. Morrison with elbows but Swagger with a punch and then he puts Morrison on top. Swagger with a punch to the head and he sets fro a superplex but Morrison blocks it and knocks the champ to the mat. Morrison with a missile drop kick and Swagger goes down. Morrison with a near fall on Swagger. Morrison with La Magistral for a near fall. Morrison with forearms and punches. Morrison with an Irish whip and then Morrison tries for the springboard spin kick but Swagger with a boot to Morrison for a near fall. Swagger with elbow drops followed by a leaping leg drop for a near fall. Swagger with a chicken win gna cross face but Morrison gets out of the hold by stomping on the foot. Morrison with a wheelbarrow suplex. Swagger starts to toy with Morrison and he has something to say to Morrison as he slams his head into the mat. Swagger returns to the cross face chicken wing but Morrison is able to keep Swagger from applying it with the maximum impact. Morrison backs Swagger into the corner and he uses elbows to get out of the hold. Morrison with an mare and then he hits a tornado DDT and both men are down.

They get back to their feet and Morrison with forearms and punches. Morrison with a flying shoulder tackle and then he sends Swagger to the apron. Swagger comes back over the top rope but he is met with a round kick and Morrison with a near fall. Swagger with a kick but Morrison gets out of a suplex attempt. Morrison gets a near fall with a rollup and then Morrison hits the springboard spin kick but he can only get a two count. Morrison with a punch and kick but Swagger drops Morrison’s arm onto the top rope. Swagger with a Doctor Bomb but he was too close to the rope and Morrison was able to grab the rope. Morrison with a kick to the abdomen and then he tries for the Oklahoma Stampede but Morrison with an enzuigiri and then he hits the corkscrew split legged moonsault for the three count.

Winner: John Morrison

After the match, Swagger demands his title belt while he watches Morrison celebrate in the ring. It is then announced that Swagger is still the World Champion.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see the steel cage hanging above the ring. A steel cage that Edge and Chris Jericho will wrestle in on Sunday.

CM Punk is showing Teddy Long what Rey Mysterio did to his hair. He calls Rey a sociopathic gremlin. Teddy says that is Rey’s problem. Punk says that Rey knows that he won’t be able to cut his hair on Sunday. Teddy says that he hopes Punk wins on Sunday because it will be best for everyone because he won’t look good with a bald head. Teddy says that only a handsome man like him can look good with a bald head. Punk says that he is going to find Rey. Teddy says that Punk and Luke will be in a match against Rey Mysterio and Kane. Punk walks away without responding to the announcement.

Match Number Two: R Truth and Matt Hardy versus Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler

Truth and Ziggler start things off and Truth wants to know what’s up and then he dances. They lock up and Truth with a side head lock and take down for a near fall. Truth with a side head lock and take down. Hardy tags in and Ziggler charges at Truth and gets hot shot into the turnbuckles. Hardy goes after McIntyre while Ziggler is down in the corner and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler with a side head lock on Hardy and hardy with elbows and punches. Hardy with a clothesline and Irish whip followed by a running clothesline into the corner. Hardy pulls Ziggler out of the corner with a sit out power bomb and he gets a near fall. Hardy tries for a Side Effect but Ziggler blocks it and Ziggler sends Hardy into the ring post and then while Ziggler spends time with the referee, McIntyre stomps on Hardy’s head while he is on the ring steps. Ziggler is forced to stop so the referee can check on Hardy. Ziggler with a punch to the head and then they return to the ring. Ziggler gets a near fall. Hardy falls into the corner but Ziggler picks him up and punches Matt. The referee continues to check on Hardy and the referee stops the match.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre by referee stoppage

After the match, Ziggler does not want the match stopped. Truth helps Hardy to the back but Hardy collapses and the medical staff helps Hardy.

McIntyre attacks Truth and Hardy before they can leave the ring and McIntyre sends Hardy into the steps. McIntyre says that it is the last time that he is going to see him. The referee tells him to get back.

Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett are walking in the back and the steel cage starts its descent to the ring as we go to commercial.

We are back and the cage is down and Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring with Wade Barrett. Jericho says that he wants to make it perfectly clear for the moronic hypocrites to understand. Jericho says that he is unequivocally going to end Edge’s career on Sunday. That means no more heroic comebacks, no more championship title reigns, and no more spears. Jericho tells the crowd to chant spear if they want because it will be the last time. Jericho says that he laid the groundwork by injuring Edge’s ankle that will lead to his greatest triumph and it will be inside the steel cage. He tells Edge that he does not know the lengths to which he will go to use the structure as a weapon. Maybe he will rake his face across the fence. Maybe he will bounce Edge’s face off the steel bar. Jericho points out that Edge probably cannot climb the cage, but he says that he can. Jericho suggests that he will climb to the top and jump off onto the ankle, crushing it and tearing the Achilles tendon for good to send him home. Jericho says that on Monday, Edge will be watching in bed to see himself being drafted back to the hospital where he has spent so much time over the last few years. The greatest part is that with Edge gone forever, the parasitic sycophants who call themselves Edge Heads will no longer be chanting ‘spear’, they will be chanting ‘Good Bye Edge’.

Edge’s music plays and he comes out and he stays on the stage. Edge says that Chris brought up a good point because Jericho injured his ankle last week. Edge says that a lot of people have asked him about the match on Sunday, but people have also asked how Jericho could have lost to Heath Slater, a rookie, on NXT. Edge says that he wants to be serious but a lot has been going through his head. Edge says that he is banged up, but nothing is going to stop him from getting into the steel cage on Sunday at Extreme Rules. Nothing is going to stop him from getting inside the cage right now. Edge makes his way to the ring and he walks into the cage. Edge tells Chris that Chris keeps saying how he is going to reinjure him. Edge says that he knows how to deal with an injury because he has been injured before. He knows what it takes to scrape and claw from the bottom of his gutsto get back up after an injury. Edge wants to know if Chris has ever done that. He wants to know if Chris is aware of what it takes to come back from a broken neck or torn Achilles tendon. Edge asks Jericho to look into his eyes to see if he has anything to lose. On Sunday, we may find out if Jericho has what it takes to scrape down into those guts to come back from an injury. Edge tells Jericho that he plans to find out on Sunday because nothing is going to stop him from spearing Jericho through the cage. Edge sys that he will do one better and nothing will stop him from spearing Jericho right now.

Edge attacks Jericho and Barrett, but Jericho goes after the ankle. Jericho triees to put Edge in the Walls of Jericho but Edge fights it off. Edge with the Edge-o-Matic to Barrett and then he has the look in his eyes for the SPEAR but Jericho goes through the door to the floor and then he closes the cage door. Edge is left in the cage with Barrett and Barrett wants to get out of the cage. Jericho tells Barrett that Edge is right behind him. Edge slams Barrett’s head into the cage and then he punches Barrett. Edge sends Barrett into the cage and then the look comes back and it is time for a SPEAR on Barrett. Edge goes to the door and he stares at Jericho while Jericho makes sure that the cage door is locked.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Shad Gaspard is at the announce table with Todd and Matt. Todd mentions the Strap Match on Sunday against JTG and Shad says that he will be dominating JTG on Sunday. Matt asks Shad why they broke up as a team. Shad says that he was always watching JTG’s back but no one had his back.

Match Number Three: JTG versus Mike Knox

JTG with punches as he avoids Knox. Knox with a cross body for a near fall. Knox with a kick to he head followed by a splash for a near fall. Knox with a forearm to the back but JTG with punches. Knox with a knee to the head followed by an Irish whip. Knox runs into a boot and JTG with a shoulder from the turnbuckles followed by a flying shoulder. JTG leaps to the corner and then he hits an X Factor. Knox goes to the floor and JTG with a pescado. JTG and Shad stare each other down and that allows Knox to get a shot in on JTG. JTG with the flying wraparound clothesline for the three count.

Winner: JTG

After the match, Shad attacks JTG from behind and then he whips JTG with the strap. Shad tells JTG to look at him and he tells JTG that at Extreme Rules it is his time.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to run through the card for Extreme Rules. We have a video package for the Last Man Standing Match between John Cena and Batista.

Todd and Matt talk about CM Punk’s attempts to get Triple H to join the Straight Edge Society and the failure thanks to Rey Mysterio’s interference. We also see the first strike in the battle of the hair.

There is a barber’s chair on the stage and we go to commercial.

We are back and there will be an Extreme Makeover Match between Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix at Extreme Rules for the Women’s Title.

Match Number Four: Mickie James and Beth Phoenix versus Michelle McCool and Layla with Vickie Guerrero

Beth and Layla start things off and Layla with a side head lock but Beth spins her around and then Beth tosses Layla out of the hold. Layla with a kick to the leg but Bath with a giant swing. Michelle made a blind tag and avoided Layla. Beth presses Layla over her head but Michelle with a kick to the leg and then Michelle works on the leg and gets a near fall. Michelle with kicks to the back and then she slam her leg into the mat. Michelle with another kick to the back of the leg. Michelle with knees to Beth’s leg. Layla tags in and she kicks Beth and wraps her leg in the ropes. Michelle chokes Beth while Layla distracts the ref. Beth kicks Layla off and then she tags Mickie in. Mickie with a clothesline or two followed by a running back elbow. She knocks Michelle down on the apron but Layla with a kick. Mickie responds with a Regal Cutter and a Thesz Press from the turnbuckles for a near fall but Michelle with a knee. Beth knocks Michelle out of the ring. Layla with a neck breaker on Mickie for the three count.

Winners: Michelle McCool and Layla

After the match, Michelle attacks Beth and then Layla sends Mickie to the floor. Layla brings an ironing board into the ring and puts it in the corner. Beth is sent into the ironing board. Michelle with a kick to Beth’s head and then the ironing board is put on top of Beth. Vickie gives Michelle and Layla some lipstick and they put it all over Beth’s face.

Kane and Rey Mysterio are in the back and they are talking about strategy as we go to commercial.

We are back and CM Punk tells Rey Mysterio that after tonight he is done talking and he will let his actions speak on Sunday night. On Monday night, Rey’s actions showed that he is nothing but a coward when Rey grabbed his hair and chopped it off. Punk says that he hopes that Rey found solace in that one lock of hair because Punk says that he will be victorious on Sunday and his hair will remain on his head and shall remain as pure as the driven snow. Punk says that his focus, purpose, and vision will be complete. Punk says that someone will be saved tonight and that is why he has the barber chair at ringside. Somebody will be saved and somebody will take the pledge to accept him as their savior. Somebody will join the Straight Edge Society. Somebody will get their head shaved.

Match Number Five: CM Punk and Luke Gallows with Serena versus Rey Mysterio and Kane

Punk tells Luke what he needs to do as Luke and Rey start things off. Rey with a kick to Luke’s leg and midsection. Luke with a forearm to Rey after Punk distracts Rey. Luke with a slam and elbow drops. Punk tags in and he kicks and punches Rey followed by a hard Irish whip. Punk with knees to Rey followed by a forearm. Rey gets out of a suplex attempt and Kane is tagged in and Punk backs into the corner as we go to commercial.

We are back and Kane with a shoulder tackle to Luke and he gets a cover but no count. Kane with a side head lock and Gallows with a shoulder tackle. Punk tags in and he tries for a springboard move but Kane with an uppercut. Rey tags in and he floats over but Punk sends Rey into the turnbuckles. Punk with a running knee into the corner followed by a bulldog and he gets a near fall. Punk with kicks to the back and then he puts Rey in a bow and arrow. Rey with kicks to the head but Punk with a back elbow for a near fall. Gallows tags back in and he punches Rey in the ribs. Luke chokes Rey in the ropes and then he punches Rey and then Punk chokes Rey. Luke with an uppercut and then he gets a near fall. Gallows with a cross arm choke with his knee against Rey’s spine. Rey with kicks to Luke’s head and Rey with a tornado DDT and both men are down. Kane and Punk tag in and Kane with punches to Kane followed by an Irish whip and running clothesline. Kane with the side slam and then Kane goes up top for the flying clothesline and he hits it. Kane gets a near fall and Gallows breaks up the cover. Luke goes after Rey but Rey low bridges Gallows and Luke goes to the floor. Kane with a big boot to Kane followed by a dive by Rey off Kane’s shoulders but Punk is able to kick out. Rey with a drop kick to the back and Punk goes into the ropes. Luke pulls Rey out of the ring and Rey avoids a punch but Kane takes care of Gallows. Punk punches Rey when he returns to the ring. Punk charges at Rey and Rey with a kick and a springboard move but Punk catches Rey on his shoulders. Rey tries for a sunset flip but Punk drops down and gets the three count.

Winners: CM Punk and Luke Gallows

After the match, Punk attacks Rey and then Rey with a drop toe hold and Punk goes into the ropes but Punk goes to the floor. Rey with a baseball slide and Punk goes into the barber’s chair. Serena protects Punk and his hair as Rey has the clippers in his hands ready to remove some hair.

We go to credits.

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