Mark Henry Arrested in the UK After Fan Incident


– WWE Superstar Mark Henry was arrested at a bar in Belfast, Ireland while WWE was finishing up the recent European tour.

The story goes that Henry was involved in an incident with a fan asking for autographs. James McClay, a lifelong wrestling fan, went to the live event and booked him and his fiancee in the same hotel as the RAW crew.

McClay claims that he was getting signatures from wrestlers including Henry but Henry became abusive and threw a drink at him. Henry got up ready to fight but was then calmed down by John Cena and Randy Orton. McClay claims that Chavo Guerrero then escalated the incident and egged Henry on. WWE security removed McClay from the bar.

A new article in the UK has a quote from McClay: “He (Henry) kept saying, `Where I’m from, you do something when someone throws a drink around you. . . He kept calling me a `little punk bitch.'”

McClay is planning on attending next year’s WrestleMania and getting married there.

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