WWE Offers RAW Refunds, WWE Travel Problems, Superstars

– WWE offered refunds to fans at tonight’s RAW in East Rutherford, New Jersey because the RAW roster wasn’t able to be there. Any fans wanting to get a full refund can bring their tickets to the Izod Center box office tomorrow.

– Yoshi Tatsu vs. Zack Ryder and John Morrison vs. Carlito was taped tonight for this coming Thursday night’s WWE Superstars.

– Airports in the UK may not be open for use on Tuesday like originally planned, which means the WWE RAW crew may be stuck for a bit longer. A new ash cloud from the volcano eruption is casing more problems. Airports in Scotland and other UK areas may open Tuesday and WWE might have to use other forms of transportation to get the crew from Ireland to where ever they can fly out of.

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