Update on Paul Heyman Possibly Coming to TNA

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Paul Heyman has reportedly either been directly offered or sent strong hints that he would be welcomed on the TNA creative team. Some officials want Heyman to work alongside Vince Russo. Heyman has given the impression that he has no interest in working for TNA.

People close to the situation have been talking openly about it and some of the ECW originals are talking like they expect Heyman to come in also. Word is that there was a better chance of Heyman working with TNA a few weeks ago but the more he hears about what’s going on in the company, the less interested he becomes.

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  • Horseman420

    Why do they need Heyman when they have Hogan, Russo and Bischoff……..oh yeah, that’s why

  • thomas

    why do they need all these former ECW originals they got team 3d, RVD, trying to get dreamer, they had raven, steven richards, sandman at one point they no got all the old wcw guy that didnt last in wwe and they r gunna fall just like ecw and wcw did vince might as well buy TNA too and then the roster would have a better chance with like aj, samoa joe, amazing red and evan bourne would make a sweet team. bear money would go down cause chris harris didnt make it in wwe so why would james storm

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