TNA Heel Turn Planned, Vince Russo Update, Lockdown News

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– TNA has currently sold around 2,600 tickets for Sunday’s Lockdown pay-per-view. They are hoping for 4,000 in the arena for the night of the show.

– No word yet when the turn will happen, but current plans call for Abyss to turn heel on Hulk Hogan in the future.

– Vince Russo will be moving from Colorado to Nashville soon and has made rumblings about accepting another job in TNA away from writing for creative. As noted before, Russo has been saying he’s burnt out on writing as of late.

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  • Horseman420

    Wow! A Hogan heel turn…who cares?

    Russo burnt out? From what? Putting sh*t on the air like TNA must be exhausting………once again, who cares?

  • thomas

    honestly from whatthey say they want for bound for glory this year sting is gunna turn on team flair or something, and looks like they r gunna do a bischoff bad guy maybe teaming with team flair or going with the band. i dont see hogan going bad guy i see his bound for glory opponent going bad guy first kurt angle

  • joemoefoe7

    abyss has had too many heel and face turns for anyone to really care, tna needs to be more consistent, look at team 3d and mmg,homicide beer money,samoa joe and god matt morgan again, its stupid.

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