Hardy Suffered Legitimate Burns From Fireball On iMPACT

ProWrestling.net reports that Jeff Hardy did infact suffer minor burns on his face when James Storm threw the fireball at him on iMPACT. The burns come despite TNA having a stunt expert work with Storm and Hardy throughout the day of the taping.

It actually took Storm three attempts to blow the fireball at Hardy, so there was heavy editing done to the final scene that aired on iMPACT. The flammable substance that storm was spitting got on Hardy’s face during the second attempt, so when Storm finally spit the actual fireball the third time, it ignited the substance on Hardy’s face.

Hardy isn’t at risk of missing any time due to the minor burns. A TNA source feels that the problem with the fireball was 100% attributable to Storm given that they had practiced it several times with the stunt expert.

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