Site News: eFed, Poll, Guess the Wrestler Updated

I posted another round of matches in the eFed.  There were no title changes last week. Bret Hart continues to hold the World Title while Kane hold the hardcore tittle.  Eddie G will defend the Cruiserweight title against Jeff Hardy, while Razor Ramon goes up against Kurt Angle for the Intercontinental title.  Bret will take on the winner between Shawn Michaels and The Rock. I also added a new music video of one of my favorite songs from The Exies.  Visit the eFed.

A new Guess the Wrestler is up.  I hope these are challenging enough for you. If it’s ever too difficult, don’t forget to click on the link for a tip.

Also a new poll has been added asking you whether you think Hogan has made TNA better or worse.

Thanks for participating in the interactive elements of WrestleScoop!