Ring Rust Review: Remember When?

Nostalgia, everyone experiences it at some point, if not collecting season 4 of Starsky and Hutch it’s holding on to your old Transformers Omega Supreme toy.  Comic Books also use nostalgia all the time, using characters that have should have been left behind many years ago only to get “relaunched” into a new series. If any of these sounds familiar it should, wrestling has been having the same concerns. How many in the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) raise concerns or joy in the return of Bret Hart or Ric Flair. Who is to blame for these returns, Vince? Dixie? Oh no there is only one person to blame and that is you.

To be fair I’m to blame also, I think as a society we try to capture a time when we were happier, unfortunately sometimes the memories are far better than reality.  I admit to having some of those DVD’ s  you will not believe how much it cost me to get the first season of Galaxy Rangers and I will not even mention the Star Trek season DVD’s.  Wrestling is the same way; we all remember our first Great American Bash or Wrestlemania. We all loved to say our prayers, eat our vitamins, or raise the four fingers in the air.  Looking back with WWE 24/7 I get to relive some of those memories and sometimes I’m sorry I do.

We will always be nostalgic and that’s why Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, The Nasty Boys, Dusty Rhodes, HBK, whoever will always have a job if they want one.  Despite the complaints of the few, wrestling fans young and old, casual or hardcore will always welcome these guys back.  Of course nostalgia may not be the only culprit; some of the current crop of “talent” doesn’t help either. Don’t get me wrong the next generation of pro wrestler has loads of in ring talent, but these guys are missing something old school wrestlers seem to do with ease, that so called “it” factor. Those guys could capture your attention and get you interested in whatever feud they were in with a quick 5 minute promo.  I listen to some of these guys and I want to stab my ears with sharp objects until the pain goes away.

Like I said the door is always open for these veterans of the ring, but some decide it’s a door better left close forever. Some are content with their time in the ring and are ready to move on, sure a quick pop in to say hi might be ok, but for the most part it’s time for the next chapter. Others just can’t let go and you know who they are.  Now these old timers have different reasons for doing what they do, some have to pay the bills due to lack of savings or way too many ex-wives (Ric).  Some just crave the spotlight and don’t want to let go, and yes there are those who get nostalgic and want “one more run”, finally the few that just want to help out the new guy.

Unfortunately there are a lot of wrestlers from our youth that are not able to capitalize on the nostalgia movement because they are no longer with us.  These legends will always live on in our memories, hearts, and on DVD. Some might have lived controversial lives but they always found a way to entertain us. If we can have a moment of silence and remembrance, and of course a big thank you to those no longer with us. Until next time…let’s watch.