Bret Hart Works Edge vs. Swagger, Triple H Update, Dos Caras

– As noted before, Triple H missed the RAW live event on Wednesday in Austria. The Game also missed last night’s show in Newcastle, England where he was scheduled to wrestle John Cena in the main event that ended up being Cena vs. Sheamus. No word yet on why Triple H missed the shows but with Stephanie McMahon being pregnant again, he may have had to take some time off live events like last time.

– Dos Caras worked his second WWE event in Newcastle last night, losing to Christian again.

– Bret Hart worked as the special ringside enforcer for the Edge vs. Jack Swagger match at last night’s show in Berlin. Bret first got involved in the match towards the end when Swagger put his feet on the ropes while pinning Edge. Swagger later was DQ’d after a low blow.

After the match, Swagger attacked Edge while Bret looked on. Swagger brought a chair in the ring but Bret stopped him from using it on Edge. Swagger kicked Bret in the gut and backed him in the corner before swinging the chair. Bret ducked the chairshot and Edge speared Swagger. Bret then put Swagger in the Sharpshooter and made him tap out. Edge cut a promo, putting Bret over and they embraced. Edge and Bret closed the show by greeting the fans at ringside.

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