PPV Poster for TNA’s Sacrifice with Rob Van Dam

– Below is the official promotional poster for TNA’s Sacrifice pay-per-view which takes place in May. This year’s Sacrifice takes place on May 16th from the iMPACT Zone in Orlando.

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  • daniel

    lol wow TNA’s graphic department took a turn to shit lately

  • joemoefoe

    well tna`s graphic department turned to shit 7 years ago whenn they started haha

  • NICK

    true but i’ll admit tna has had some good ppv posters but still thats nothing compared to wwe’s graphic department

  • thomas

    well u know thats because the wwe has better marketable “entertainers” wrestlers. then tna does tna has alot of WCW or WWE Has beens and there young talent such as A.J. Styles cant be on ever poster.he is the best they have of the “own” talent besides samoa joe but just like mic foley they cant market a heavy champion like that. vince and stephanie and shane was able to market anything on the posters with alot of big name stars and graphics

  • joemoefoe7

    which is another one of the many reasons that tna wont ever be real competition for the wwe, im just waitin for wwe to put tna out of bussiness so we can see what the phenomenal one, the machine guns and a bunch of other good talent can do in wwe

  • thomas

    well a.j. and some of the tna roster wold be ok in wwe but machine gunns no they would be like kendrik and london short lived after a title reign

  • yo

    shit shit and shit thats what i think of this

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