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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – April 9th, 2010

Posted by Marc Middleton in SmackDown! Results
Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Thanks to Gregory Davis and for these SmackDown spoilers:

* Swagger promo to open the show. He says he deserves to be champion, and is the best natural athlete since HBK retired. He was interrupted by . Lots of jokes, including some about hi lisp. Morrison calls him non champion worthy. Funny back and forth. Morrison gets one up on Swagger and Jack throws temper tantrums. He gets back in ring and match starts.

* Match is briefly stopped due to a cut on Swagger. Good match, which Swagger wins.

* Later, says that he will convert Young to Straight .

* and Wade Barrett backstage were interrupted by Swagger. Swagger says he’s sure thing. He’s a world champion.

* Shad Gaspard out to new music, but goes to the back. Then he comes back to the Cryme Tyme theme. Shad has shaved head. Says there is always someone in the way, and you should take what you deserve. He says it’s his time. “My tyme” is his new slogan.

* comes out but Shad kills him with clothesline.

* vs. is next. Drew says he isn’t going to waste his time talking to the losers in the crowd. Drew wins with his finisher.

* Off camera, Hardy is helped out to the back.

* Punk came out next. The crowd was into him. Serena then heeled them, as did Punk. Standard mic work by Punk. Gallows talks about how shaving his head saved him. Punk tells Young that Straight Edge will help him on NXT. He said shaving his head will help. Young first agrees then refuses. SES beat him down. makes the save and went to shave Punk’s head but Punk got away.

* They announce Punk vs. Rey Mysterio for , with Punk’s hair on the line.

* Teddy Long comes out and announces Rey vs. Punk in a street fight right now.

* Rey won in a good match. It may have been a dark match.

* Baretta and Croft came out and cut a promo. They are taking on The Hart Dynasty tonight. The Dynasty wins with a Sharpshooter.

* Josh Matthews asks backstage how it felt to put Great Khali to sleep. Ziggler answers by putting Josh to sleep.

* Swagger and Edge get into it backstage. Edge says he will beat Swagger at Extreme Rules. He says it with a lisp.

* Edge and Chris Jericho went to a double countout they brawled around the ring. They kept going for a while until Edge hit Jericho with the spear. Swagger came out but got speared by Edge as well.

* Edge then cut a promo for the local crowd, talking about how he wanted to wrestle in Chi Town since he was a kid. That ended the show.

WWE Extreme Rules Spoiler, HOT Backstage Knockout Pix, Stephanie Candids, MORE!

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