Spoilers: WWE NXT Tapings – April 6th, 2010

– Thanks to Gregory Davis and PWInsider for these spoilers of tonight’s WWE NXT on SyFy:

They are setting up Kane’s pyro.

All of the rookies come on stage. Striker asked why Otunga walked out on Raw. He said that he doesn’t want to share the spotlight.

All rookies will do a physical challenge. It involves carrying a keg around the ring. Daniel Bryan says he shouldn’t be in first.

Daniel 24.9 sec. Wade next at 14.7. Gabriel at 13.6. Slater at 14. Otunga at 14.1 Skip at 12.4. Tarver was DQ’d for dropping the keg . Young was 13.6. Slater wins.

Kane vs. Slater later tonight.

Skip interview. Says he should have won, and he wont be nice anymore.

Bryan vs. Young:. Bryan dominates, but Young gets surprise pin.

Gabriel vs. Tarver saw Gabriel win with the 450.

Otunga has good heat in Chicago. Otunga vs. Wade Barrett. Wade won.

Kane vs. Heath Slater. Practically a beat down on Slater. Slater still shows SOME offense. Kane via chokeslam.

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