More Details on Last Night’s RAW and iMPACT Ratings

– As noted before, last night’s RAW did a 3.2 cable rating. The first hour did a 3.0 rating with 4.301 million viewers while the second hour did a 3.3 rating with 4.895 million viewers.

TNA iMPACT did an 0.9 cable rating with an average of 1.2 million viewers. The first hour did an 0.9 while the second hour did an 0.78, minus the over-run that did a 1.0 rating, rounded up from an 0.97

TNA’s highest-rated quarter-hour segment came in quarter two with Jeff Hardy saving RVD, Robert Roode attacking Hardy, Christy Hemme interviewing the Knockouts, Rob Terry vs. Homicide and the start of the Knockouts Lockbox Challenge. That segment did an 0.98 rating.

TNA’s second highest-rated quarter came at the end of the show where the Knockouts opened the lockboxes. That quarter-hour segment scored an 0.97 rating.

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