JR Blog: Writing a Book, Jack Swagger’s Success, More

Below are some highlights from the latest Jim Ross blog at jrsbarbq.com:

– Our conference call with the speaker’s bureau folks went well last week. I am excited about the potential of this piece of business as the company looking to work with me books some of the most popular speakers in America and have been in business for years. They are extremely optimistic about the potential for this arrangement.

– I have been spending ample time brainstorming potential book concepts and have come to the conclusion that I can potentially pen more than one book. This matter will be further discussed this coming week. I can also see that I am going to have to spend ample hours researching dates, etc to insure that any thing that I do is factually accurate. I have a great deal of ground to cover, career wise, from 1974 until the present.

– Congrats to new WWE World’s Champion Jack Swagger on his accomplishments as the Perry, Oklahoma native had quite the week at WM26 and in Las Vegas on Friday Night Smackdown. Swagger was my last ‘recruit’ in WWE and I hope that he has a long, productive career that sees him stay injury free and becomes financial independent. I’d love to see Swagger be able to establish his Championship reign over an extended period of time but wish him the best nonetheless. We had a great, private conversation after Wrestlemania at the hotel and he knows what I personally expect of him and what he potentially can do in WWE if he catches a break, conducts himself as a professional, and works harder than any one on the roster night in and night out.