Christopher Daniels Released from TNA Contract

– After he returned to Ring of Honor last night and cut a promo about being held back for seven years, it was speculated that Christopher Daniels had been released from TNA.

The Wrestling Observer now confirms that Daniels was released earlier this week. Ring of Honor contacted Daniels immediately and signed him for some dates.

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  • TheSurge

    WWE is smart for targeting kids and families with the PG thing.. TNA is too tawdry and the overall audience for Wrestling don’t like that shit… WWE has more kids, women, and even male audiences than TNA has… only people that don’t like the PG are most of the IWC that don’t really add up in ratings or merch or anything like that for WWE anyways. that’s why WWE doesn’t listen to you as much.. stop being cheap assholes and maybe WWE can give a damn what you people think… TNA wishes they could have the ratings and merchandise sales and PPV Buy rates that WWE gets.. but TNA is bound to fail with the way things are going.. TNA’s audience is going down little by little every week… WWE changes time after time… they go with what the fans want at the moment.. TNA don’t know what fans want… TNA will fail… I bet Spike TV would love to drop impact for Raw again…

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