Dolph Ziggler Takes a Shot at a NXT Star, Lex Luger Update

– WWE Magazine conducted a “Twitterview” with Dolph Ziggler last night on Twitter where he spoke on a number of topics. Ziggler picked Heath Slater to win WWE NXT and had the following to say about David Otunga: “And the one guy is simply here because he dates some chick that’s in magazines, he’s not even in the Diva’s league.”

– Former World Champion Lex Luger said in a new video promoting the Promolast Atlanta Reunion Pro Wrestling Fanfest in June that he has fully recovered from his spinal stroke and temporary paralysis and is able to work out at the gym as he did before, but with less weights.

When asked about possibly returning to the ring, Luger said: “I don’t think I’ll be throwing people from the Torture Rack or bouncing around the ring anymore, but I might step foot in a ring! So, I guess literally, whenever it be in a wrestling ring again, maybe to say hi to the fans and pay my respects or whatever, but I don’t know about a wrestling match. But you never know, only the good lord knows that. Never say never on that.”

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  • andrew

    I agree with Ziggler,nobody on NXT has any talent or charisma. Before all you internet marks get wet all over Danioel Bryan, just know, he’s worthless. Theonly thing they should havedone with NXT is put Joe Hennigon, he’s been ready for over a year

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