Jim Ross Comments on Recent Rumors About His Future

– Jim Ross has posted a new blog on jrsbarbq.com, clearing up some rumors and talk about him from this past week. Here’s part of what JR wrote:

JR is NOT retiring. It’s tempting and financially doable but I want to work a few more years in a role that is fun and not as laden with stress as some of my previous assignments have been.

No I am not ‘vanishing.’ LIfe is so good here in Norman and I have a tremendous amount of things to look forward to although I know that I have not broadcast my last event. One doesn’t do something for over 35 years and stop cold turkey or at least I don’t.

There are no issues or problems with my negotiations with WWE. The ball is in WWE’s court to put together a new role for me within the company. Essentially they have decided to reassign me from weekly broadcasting and that includes the monthly PPV’s to focus on other areas of the company. I am guessing, and I stress guessing, that may be some form of scouting and/or talent development. I might be wrong on that assumption but I’ll know before the end of April as that is when my current extension expires.

Common sense would dictate that if I like the new position, its travel schedule and how much money that I will earn that it would be a no brainer to sign a multi year deal and move on with the company that I have been with since 1993.

Will I be involved in the WWE TV network that is allegedly going to launch sometime in the summer or fall of 2011? I don’t know but one would simply assume that might be a possibility.

Will I ever write a book? Yes, without question. I have maintained copious notes for decades and my career covers a variety of jobs and roles working for some very unique individuals within American pop culture. I am told by people helping me with a potential book deal that we have several publishers interested and that we will likely be speaking with all of them next week. I want any book that I write to be honest, fair, entertaining and hard hitting. Actually, I feel that I have enough material for two books depending on how the first one is structured.

Is it true that I am looking into the possibility of becoming affiliated with a major public speaking booking company as a talent? Yes, but we are in the infancy of our talks. I’ve long desired to speak to groups when my schedule would allow such.

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