Maria Talks WWE Diva Matches, WWE NXT Star Sick, Austin, More

– Former WWE and TNA star Val Venis was at last night’s RAW in Phoenix visiting friends.

– Steve Austin wrote this on Twitter yesterday about WrestleMania 26: “i sure missed JR last night at mania. for $64.99 i want everything thrown at me INCLUDING the kitchen sink. would have been a big time treat”

– Former WWE Diva Maria wrote the following on her Twitter regarding the recent string of short Divas matches in WWE: “Maybe if they gave the girls some time they could put on a great match! So annoying! 40 percent of the fan base is female, show the ladies some love!!”

– WWE NXT star Skip Sheffield, who will be appearing on tonight’s show, noted on Twitter that he’s suffering from food poisoning this afternoon but is in Las Vegas for tonight’s show. Skip is blaming it on Burger King.

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