Report from the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame

– Thanks to WNZ reader Rick for these live notes from the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Phoenix, Arizona, site of tomorrow’s WrestleMania 26:

* WWE had the same signs as last year telling fans to behave and not video record the ceremonies.

* Me and the family came in and were welcomed by Todd Grisham. The WWE Superstars have began sitting down.

* We’ve spotted several WWE legends including Mean Gene and former WCW star Billy Kidman. Batista stared down John Cena before he took his seat. Gotta keep up with the storylines. A group of it looks like three Divas are sitting together. Jillian and Melina maybe it looks like.

* It looks like Gorgeous George, Bob Uecker and Million Dollar Man will be shown on USA Network. No Stu Hart??

* Jerry Lawler is the host. He introduces more current WWE Superstars.

* Mad Dog Vachon is the first induction for tonight and he gets his own video package first. Lawler talked a bit and introduced Pat Patterson. Patterson talked about working with Vachon years ago and cracked some jokes. Patterson finally introduced Vachon, who came out in a wheelchair. Vachon cut one of his promos from back in the day and talked about his name, his career and more. WWE finally cut his speech short as he wouldn’t stop talking.

* Lawler came back on and cut a joke which led into Jim Ross being introduced to a big pop.

* WWE is giving 5 minutes to each speech.

* Wendi Richter is the second inductee. After a video, Jerry Lawler introduced Roddy Piper. Piper was great as he talked about the Rock ‘n Wrestling era, WrestleMania and other stories. Piper put over Richter and introduced her. Wendi said this is her dream and it’s about damn time it happened. She talked about her early days in wrestling, other women’s wrestlers, Cyndi Lauper and other stuff. Richter said tonight she feels like she’s got what she’s always wanted – respect.

* Stu Hart is inducted next. They showed a great package on Stu’s career before Lawler introduced Bret Hart. Bret came out with all Stu’s kids and talked about his father and growing up with him. Bret talked about Stu and Owen Hart’s sense of humor which caused a large “Owen” chant to break out. Bret went on about his father in a great speech and thanked everyone for letting him live on forever by being in the WWE Hall of Fame.

* Antonio Inoki was a next. After his video package, Lawler introduced Stan Hansen to do the induction. Hansen talked about Japan and put over Inoki being a household name in Japan. He talked about different things Inoki did in his career, his own career and experiences with Inoki. Hansen came off better than I expected and told some good stories about Inoki. Inoki came out next, spoke thanking everyone for coming and then spoke in Japanese with a translator. Inoki said he would like to promote a show in Antarctica with WWE to raise awareness for global warming. He got the crowd to do his chant from Japan after a great speech.

* The next inductee is Bob Uecker. Lawler talked about celebrities in wrestling and introduced NBC’s Dick Ebersol. Ebersol talked about what led to the beginning of WWE’s SNME and talked about Bob Uecker’s sports career before a video. Ebersol talks about Uecker being involved with WrestleMania 3 before introducing him. Uecker came out next and was great with the comedy. He talked about his sports career, showed his MLB Hall of Fame ring. He talked about meeting Dick Ebersol and getting involved with WrestleMania. Uecker said some of his best times in life were with WWE and put over the wrestlers. Uecker thanked everyone to end an entertaining speech.

* Lawler introduced Gorgeous George next via video package on his career. Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer was introduced next. He came out wearing his mask and talked about George’s career and what he did for the sport. Beyer told some stories and said he had a mask for George’s wife Betty Wagner. Lawler introduced her to accept the induction. Wagner was great also as she talked about her late husband.

* Lawler introduced a video package on Ted DiBiase’s career. Out next came Ted Jr. and Brett DiBiase to do the induction for dad. Brett talked first about his father being inducted and his brother’s first WrestleMania. Ted and his brother Brett talked about their father’s career and how proud they were of him. Lawler next introduced Ted DiBiase. He came out with the Million Dollar Belt and called this an amazing, priceless night. DiBiase talks about his career and tells a story about the Million Dollar Man character. DiBiase thanked some of the wrestlers he had faced in his career and pointed out his wife, thanking her, God and Jesus Christ. DiBiase told a story about Virgil and talked to the younger WWE stars. DiBiase thanked everyone, cut a promo and dropped money on the crowd. The best induction tonight easily.

* All of the 2010 Hall of Fame inductees were brought out to the stage to end the show.

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