Warrior Comments on the WWE Hall of Fame Rumors

– In a blog entry posted Thursday, Ultimate Warrior disputed rumors that he backed out of an agreement to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this Saturday night.

“I did decline induction. Yes, I declined,” wrote Warrior. “I did not ‘back out’ of anything. There was never anything to “back out” of. I never agreed to appear at the Hall of Fame to begin with. The rumor that I did is a lie; an easy one that fits the kooky, fictional groundwork the liars have been laying down for years. It sounded good, made me look bad, so they added it on.”

Earlier this year, reports emerged that Warrior backed out of the planned appearance due to a money issue. The wrestler disputes that claim, however, noting that he never agreed to any induction and, in fact, had no idea WWE even paid inductees.

He instead explained his decision to decline as follows: “Vince called me on December 23rd and left a voicemail saying, among other things, “let’s get you in the Hall of Fame where you belong.” After the holidays I returned his call, left a voicemail telling him to call me again when he found time. When we finally connected, I told him I would rather meet with him in person than talk over the phone. He said that would be great. He said he would find time on his calendar and call me back to set it up. When he called back a couple of weeks later he didn’t even mention finding a time scheduled to meet, and throughout the remainder of the conversation, further decided not to find one. So, given only the option to say either yes or no, my answer was quick and clear, I declined Vince’s invitation to headline this year’s HOF event.”

Warrior also shot on WWE’s infamous “Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior” DVD, explaining that if everything on the DVD were accurate, WWE would not possibly want him in the Hall of Fame.

Wrote Warrior, “Vince personally inviting me to be the headliner inductee to his Hall of Fame means either the DVD or his Hall of Fame is a joke. One is not credible. It’s inarguable.”