Hernandez Storyline Update, Dixie Responds to Vince, Bischoff News

Partial source: Prowrestling.net

– Dixie Carter wrote this on Twitter in response to Vince McMahon’s comments about TNA yesterday: “To be called tawdry from the King of Tawdry, that is some compliment!!”

– Word is that a TNA office worker was the one who actually did the guitar work on iMPACT this past week when Eric Bischoff opened the show with a guitar solo in the ring. The story goes that trick camera work was used to make it look like Bischoff was actually playing.

– TNA has posted an update to the storyline injury to Hernandez on iMPACT last week at the hands of his tag team partner Matt Morgan. TNA is saying that Hernandez was released from the hospital on Thursday and has suffered a herniated disc and cervical damage to his neck.

Hernandez will be out of action indefinitely and the status of the TNA Tag Team Titles is unknown. TNA says that Matt Morgan is claiming ownership of both belts.

This is all a storyline as Hernandez is not injured. It’s possible he’s being wrote out of the storylines to be sent down to the AAA promotion in Mexico. The plan has been for Hernandez to spend some time in Mexico in hopes of returning to the US as a bigger Mexican star. While it wouldn’t make sense to write him out with a serious injury and then have him pop up in Mexico, but stranger things have happened.

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  • Jeff

    Cervical damage to his neck? He’s not a female and even if he were his vagina would not be by his neck.

  • thomas

    for one there is nerves in your neck that r called cervical nerves

  • The English Teacher

    i always thought he was a bit of a pussy

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