Bret Hart Discusses Whether He’ll Stay With WWE, Relationship With Vince

Brian Fritz interviewed Bret Hart for Here are the highlights:

On retuning to the WWE: ” You know, it was really a surreal kind of feeling. When I was doing it, I thought — as I waited for it to happen — that I thought I was going to get nervous but I never got nervous at all.”

On his relationship with Vince McMahon: “We’re pretty respectful of one another. I think there’s some genuine … I think he feels bad for what happened. I think in a lot of ways Vince was a big fan. Vince McMahon is the world’s biggest wrestling fan. He loved all the work I contributed. The only thing Vince loves more than wrestling is his money and somehow that’s where we ended up having a lot of problems. We’re all right as far as … it’s sort of a mutual respect. He’s done a lot for me and done a lot for my family and the wrestling world and wrestling industry. He’s just got a funny way of doing business sometimes.”

On whether he will stay around WWE after Wrestlemania: I think I’m going to do a little bit of stuff with them but I think for the most part that my role wraps up on Sunday.