Spike TV Airing iMPACT on Mondays at 8pm?

– Spike TV’s official website is listing a new timeslot for the weekly TNA iMPACT broadcast.

On the official schedule for April 5, 2010, Spike has the wrestling program slated to air from 8-10PM EST. That would position iMPACT an hour earlier, giving it sixty minutes without facing opposition from WWE RAW.

When TNA aired its January 4 special, the 8PM hour performed considerably better than the latter two and marked the most-watched hour of TNA broadcasting to date. When the call was made to permanently switch TNA to Mondays, many pushed to opt for an 8PM-10PM timeslot, but the company and network ultimately decided to combat RAW directly from 9-11PM.

For what it is worth, there had been talk at the time that WWE would consider expanding RAW to three hours on a more regular basis to prevent TNA from gaining momentum at 8PM.

Since neither TNA nor Spike has officially announced a move to 8PM-10PM, it is possible this is either a mistake or an early leak. So, one would expect Spike will modify the website calender for April 5, even if the move is indeed planned.