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JR’s Blog: Goldberg In WWE, Bret Hart’s Documentary, WrestleMania 26

Posted by Vegas Martin in WWE News
Thursday, March 25th, 2010

posted the following on his latest blog at

in WWE: Bill Goldberg reports that he is negotiating with WWE but my best guess is that it’s not about a return to the ring. Bill likely is looking at doing a marketing deal with WWE that might include video games, possible WWE HOF Induction next year in Atlanta, and merchandise sales. … WWE could monetize Goldberg’s likeness in a variety of ways. Is it possible for Goldberg to come back and perform in a ‘farewell bout’ in the Georgia Dome next year at WM27? It’s possible one has to assume.

On WWE Using Blood: Less is more, without question. The more one sees bloody bouts the less it means and the dramatic effect is diminished. In recent generations, blood has long been used as a lazy, uncreative way of enhancing selected pro wrestling bouts.”

26: I have had to delete many emails that were fixating on me not broadcasting at WM26. I am good with it even though I’ll admit that I’m disappointed that I won’t be a part of the broadcast team for the biggest show of the year. Why wouldn’t I be disappointed? As Brando said in The Godfather, ‘It’s just business.’ I appreciate many of your comments but my suggestion is to focus on the show itself and that if you only buy one WWE PPV this year that this Sunday’s Wrestlemania should be it. I would say that if I was with the WWE or not. This card looks to be special and this show will have some “Wrestlemania Moments” that will likely live for years to come. At least what I perceive to be my last Wrestlemania broadcast was the 1st HBK- affair which will live forever. Not a bad deal at all.”

’s Documentary: The ‘Survival of the Hitman’ documentary that is available for viewing on several websites is a really nice piece of business. A wrestling company would do themselves justice by utilizing the skills of the producer of the show as it had great flow and continuity. Really recommend that fans check this one out.

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