Desmond Wolfe’s Valet, TNA Star’s Daughter Wins a Medal, Sting

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Hernandez’s 17 year old daughter Liz recently won a silver medal in powerlifting. She’s 5 foot 2, 181 pounds and has peaked with a 375 pound squat, a 350 pound deadlift and a 180 pound bench press.

– New TNA valet Chelsea, who is with Desmond Wolfe, goes by the name Alicia Skipper when she’s modeling. Chelsea has done a commercial for Walt Disney World in Orlando and had photos in Vogue magazine before.

– Regarding Sting’s shoulder injury we posted on last week, nobody in TNA knew about it until the day of the March 8th iMPACT tapings. This is why they had timing problems with the Rob Van Dam angle.

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