HBK Comments on Retiring, Mysterio Promo Edited, Chavo as Face

– WWE edited a great deal of Rey Mysterio’s promo that aired on SmackDown Friday. The promo was far longer live, and they also edited out “What” chants the fans were screaming during his promo.

– With WWE being in El Paso Friday night, Chavo was a baby face. Chavo teamed with Kofi Kingston as they defeated Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, with Chavo pinning Rhodes for the victory. For those who don’t know, Chavo was born in El Paso, where his grandfather was the local wrestling promoter, despite having lived most of his life in Southern California.

– In a recent interview with SLAM Wrestling, Shawn Michaels spoke on a number of topics leading up to next Sunday’s WrestleMania.

Michaels was very open to the idea of retiring if he were to lose next Sunday. “To believe Shawn Michaels won’t still be part of my life (when I retire) is naive,” he said. “I took four years off and I think almost as many people recognized me during that time. Every day I step through the front door, (leaving wrestling) is not as far away as it once was. When it happens, I look forward to the rest and spending time with my family. Few guys get to go out the way I want to.”

When asked if Undertaker/Shawn Michaels II could top their match last year, “That’s the million-dollar question,” he said. “I’ve got to be honest, I don’t know. With the stipulation, Career vs. Streak, there’s certainly more on the line. There’s some finality, so you have to take everything into context.”