Backstage News on the RVD/Sting Angle from TNA iMPACT

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– The segment where Sting kept beating Rob Van Dam down with a baseball bat on the March 8th iMPACT was not planned to go as long as it did.

It’s being said that Hulk Hogan was slow in doing the run-in so Sting had to improvise but apparently that’s not entirely correct. TNA had scripted a certain moment where Hogan would run-in in the early part of the second hour, based on a minute-by-minute breakdown of the January 4th iMPACT and when viewership peaked. The problem came when segments in the first hour ran short so they had to stretch things out going into the second hour.

Sting wasn’t supposed to take out the referees on the ramp or go back to the ring but he had to kill time because he was sent to the ring too early for the match, based on the breakdown they had scripted from.

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