Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings, 3/19/10

– Thanks to Prowrestling.net for the following:

* Rey Mysterio opened the show and said he couldn’t get the image of his crying daughter out of his mind. He said he doesn’t want a normal match at WrestleMania. Rather, they are going with street fight rules for his match with C.M. Punk. However, Punk came out and said that if Rey touches him before WrestleMania, he won’t get the street fight. If Mysterio beats Luke Gallows, the match is official. If not, he must join the Straight Edge Society.

* Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger defeated Matt Hardy and MVP when Ziggler got the pin.

* Drew McIntyre vs. The Undertaker and The Cutting Edge with Chris Jericho as guest is announced for tonight.

* Beth Phoenix and Tiffany vs. Michelle and Layla. Beth pinned Michelle. Vickie came out afterwards. Can’t hear her, crowd is booing so loud. Vickie want apology. Beth does but it isn’t good enough for Vickie. Next week it is Beth vs. Vickie.

* Cutting Edge with Edge and Chris Jericho. Jericho comes out with his rookie. Edge says they have been playing a game of chess and Edge will make the last move – spear. Jericho thinks Edge is still hurt from his injury. Jericho says one more injury will end Edges career. Edge dares Jericho to make a move. Jericho doesn’t so edge attacks. Edge spears Wade the rookie but then gets the codebreaker. Jericho then steps on Edge’s leg and holds up the title.

* John Morrison and R-Truth beat Hart Dynasty. Crowd really loves Truths intro. Quick match.

* Mysterious vs. Gallows. Rey almost got counted out. At the end, Rey did 619 and went for springboard but Serena pushed him off. Gallows pinned Rey. Afterwards, Rey beat the hell out of gallows while Punk calmly watched.

* Undertaker pinned McIntyre quickly. While Taker posed on the ramp in victory, HBK jumped him and superkicked him. Shawn then mocked Takers pose to end the show.

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