What Happened After RAW, Batista Busted Open, More

– Batista was legitimately busted open last night by Kofi Kingston in their match on RAW.

– WWE is promoting the new FX series Justified by adding one of the characters, Raylan Givens, to the RAW roster page.

– The dark main event after last night’s RAW saw Rey Mysterio defeat CM Punk with the 619 in a 10 minute match. Mysterio celebrated with the fans after the win. The match was made official after CM Punk came out during the commercial break before the Bret Hart & Vince McMahon contract signing to challenge Rey.

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  • The Duck Of HEllfire

    Please watch the match again with Batista. He CLEARLY bladed. The set up- goes to the outside (to secure the gig). Watch as he ” hits the turnbuckle” he clearly drags his right hand/thumb across his forehead. WWE even excluded an alternate angle when they put it on their website that showed it.

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