JR Blog: New WWE Contract, George in the HOF, More

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry where he discusses a discussion with Austin, his contract status and more. Below are the highlights:

– I talked with Steve this weekend and he was really excited about being back on Raw and feeling that live audience, adrenaline rush that one experiences. I cannot name any wrestler who better connected with their audience than did Stone Cold Steve Austin and I’ve seen a few in my day. I even think Steve was going down from LA to San Diego on Sunday, he’s still old school, to be ready to rock the house Monday night. Obviously, WWE will be promoting the film “Damage” starring Stone Cold that will be out on DVD on March 23 which is only 8 days from now.

– WWE announcing Gorgeous George as a new inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame is a cool thing for the business. When I first got in the wrestling biz in 1974, my boss, Lee Roy McGuirk, was a former wrestling star who had crossed paths with Gorgeous George on many occasions. I heard numerous GG stories from McGuirk who was a former NCAA Champion at Oklahoma A&M (Oklahoma State) and was considered one of the toughest men in the business. McGuirk was a old school guy with a “jock mentality” and he wasn’t crazy about the show biz aspect of the Gorgeous George persona but McGuirk always said that George Wagner was much tougher and more skilled in legit wrestling than people would ever give him credit for being.

– I will be signing another contract extension this week with WWE to allow us to get past Wrestlemania and to give us more time to finalize our newest agreement which will hopefully see me remaining with WWE for the long term future. At least, that’s the goal for all involved. I’m going into this negotiation with a positive frame of mind and hopeful that all will work out to everyone’s mutual happiness at the end of the day.

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