TNA Stops Airing iMPACT Replays, RVD on TNA Live Events

– Dixie Carter announced on Twitter that Rob Van Dam will make his TNA live event debut at the shows on April 22nd and 23rd in Macon and Albany, Georgia.

– TNA and Spike TV have decided to stop airing the iMPACT replay on Thursday nights, despite the rating it received this past Thursday night. Apparently some in TNA are concerned that such a high rating for the replay might hurt Monday’s ratings.

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  • maggie

    what about the fans in the uk who dont get to see impact until saturday is that going to stop aswell. way to go to keep your ratings up

  • andrew

    The only way that Impact isgoingto get any kind of decent ratings (if you call 0.97 decent) is by showing it twice

  • andrew

    By the way, TNA doesn’t care about their international fans,all they give a fuck about is the Americans, they have the shittiest business model I have ever seen, and anyone who says differently is an inbred, retarted mark

  • junior

    I like more tna cuz when taker and hbk were talking hogan and flair were fighting but idk wwe should be tv 14 again or make a wwe new show tv14 or like saturday main event tv14 or something cmon wwe… Wuts up maggie…?

  • maggie

    tna want to put ratings up and they aint going to do it by cutting off the uk and the rest of the world wwe rule anyway.they want to get jeff hardy back where he belongs.
    whats u junior

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