Ring Rust Review: Random Thoughts

So I figured this would be a good time to let out some random thoughts on current headlines and the status of wrestling in general, everyone needs to vent once in a while and lucky you get to share what’s in my head.  So in no order what’s so ever here we go…..


Ok guys Rome was not built in a day, TNA’s rating will rise as long as the programming is good.  That being said I honestly don’t think Vince really cares at this point. Raw is more of a variety show that just happens to have some wrestling content in it. It’s being used as a vehicle for movies or other ventures outside of wrestling. Vince wants to go mainstream and wrestling is still considered taboo in mainstream entertainment. TNA is trying (in theory) to produce a wrestling show for wrestling fans.  So for those expecting this big war between WWE and TNA you might have to wait a little longer, with Linda running for office and Vince going “Hollywood” WWE’s main focus is not wrestling and last time I checked you need at least two to fight a war. Also you have to remember that at one point Raw was on Spike, and they went back to USA because they are in more homes which equal bigger ratings. In short TNA should mind its own business do its own thing and leave WWE alone.

Women and Wrestling

Now this might come as a shock to many people but wrestling has a large male audience, and the majority of men want do not want to see women in a hell in a cell cage match as much as a pillow fight.  This is the view of most wrestling promoters, at least in North America.  So women’s wrestling has always had an uphill battle for respect in the wrestling marketplace.  WWE almost had it in the 80’s with the Rock-n-Wrestling Connection, and TNA did a great job with the knockouts. The question was posed to Jim Ross if women wrestlers can main event a card, I say anything is possible, there are a lot of talented female performers and a growing number of females in the audience, and with a little help from the fans it could happen.

WWE Comics

Thanks to Mr. Claydon from Titan for all the previews of the new WWE comic book. WWE has a long history in the comic book world and there are many parallels. I remember buying the magazine size WWE comics by Valiant with great art by comic legend Steve Dikto.  The late 90’s saw Chaos comics produce a pretty successful line of WWE comics with a little darker tone to go in line with the attitude era. This time WWE is self publishing its books in an attempt to expand their audience (see above). Just as a backdrop I managed a shop for about 9 years so I do have some knowledge about the funny books.  Keith Champagne seems to have a solid story going but I hope he talked to Marvel about using the name Shadow King as I think they own it. Anyway the artwork is also well done, I have been a fan of Andy Smith since his Valiant days, and I marked out over the Liam alternate cover he is another favorite of mine.  The story goes as follows, and I quote,” WWE Heroes comic #1 reveals an eternal rivalry set against the backdrop of the history of WWE. Why is the ruthless Shadow King so obsessed with WWE? What is the reason for his eternal and supernatural war with the Firstborn? And could his ancient opponent really be a member of the WWE roster? “  So find a comic shop and try it out, while you’re at it pick up a Superman or Captain America book.

Tag Team Wrestling

So can someone explain to me why you can take to random guys that have nothing in common slap them together and within a week can become tag champions, and then take established teams throw then in a handicap match against a “star” and 9 times out of 10 they get destroyed.  I say no more, I miss my tag team wrestling. Remember the “pop” teams like the Rock-n-Roll Express got, or The Road Warriors? Heck I’d settle for a Killer Bees vs. Conquistador reunion match at this point. A lot of stars started cutting their teeth in the tag team division and while I think WWE has given up on the concept I hope TNA has not. Both TNA and WWE have some great wrestlers and teams to work with, and while you can argue women’s wrestling not being able to sell a main event you can’t make that argument for tag team wrestling. It’s been done in the past, and if you look at current pop culture trends people like nostalgia and retro (see sales figure for Transformers movie franchise if you don’t believe me).


On top of my list (next to tag teams) on how to make wrestling better, I present the lost art of the manager.  For some reason match makers and promoters within both WWE and TNA seem to want to throw talent down our throats that they are high on.  The ones that worked the best had mouthpieces to help them along, Would Brock have been as good without Paul E. by his side, or the late Umaga without Estrada’s promo work? Guys like Sheamus could benefit from it, even guys like Mike Knox. Don’t get me wrong talent is talent and useless is useless but having that manager in your corner can sometimes cover up a lack of talent. The wrestling big wigs have been scratching there heads on how to increase the fan base, the answer has always been in front of their eyes, but I guess you seldom see what’s in front of you.

Well thanks for letting me get that out. Maybe you agree with some of it maybe not, that’s the thing about us wrestling fans we have our story and we generally stick to it, we have opinions and we don’t mind sharing, feel free to share yours on this or other topics. Tomorrow is another Monday Night, and I’ll be in front of my TV……watching 24. As now as always…let’s watch




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    I Completely agree with the wwe vs tna and the women’s wrestling..

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