Bischoff Comments on Monday’s iMPACT, Ken Doane/TNA Update

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– As noted before, former WWE star Ken Doane (Dykstra) worked a tryout match at last Tuesday’s iMPACT tapings, losing to Homicide. Doane received high marks for the tryout but it hasn’t been said if he was offered a contract yet.

– Eric Bischoff wrote the following on Facebook regarding a fan’s post about Monday’s iMPACT:

“On the contrary, we are all convinced (as are most fans) that we proved definitively that we can produce a superior product. While it is going to take some time (and consistency) to gain the market share we hope to gain, we are thrilled with the product we presented, and are more than excited about the future.”

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  • thomas

    you know how does TNA hope to win the monday night wars when if anyone cares they can watch raw on monday then TNA’s replay on thursday

  • PowerUp 5000

    TNA needs get good story lines..substract the old wrestlers and allow Hogan minor TV time ..If they could get that “Attitude Era” like WWE had yrs ago ..this would get interesting ….I really don’t see the TNA impact at all .and to be fair RAW has really be horrible since the PG rating and the Lame guest host ..looking like Wrestling as a whole is just getting wack

  • joemoefoe

    hell yeah it aint much of a war regardless, with tna replaying on here old timeslot , i dont what they think there gonna accomplish

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