WWE Interested in Working with Goldberg, Post-Mania Matches, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– The top matches advertised for the RAW tour after WrestleMania include Triple H & John Cena vs. Sheamus & Big Show as well as Christian vs. Randy Orton. Triple H vs. Orton and Cena vs. Sheamus is advertised in some cities. The top matches advertised for SmackDown events are Chris Jericho vs. Edge, Rey Mysterio & Kane vs. CM Punk & John Morrison, Edge vs. Mysterio vs. Punk and Kane vs. Drew McIntyre.

– WWE’s website had 12.3 million visitors for the month of January. This would be among the lowest months in years. WWE’s shop website averaged 581 orders per day in the same month.

– WWE showed a WrestleMania recall on RAW this week of Bill Goldberg pinning Brock Lesnar in 2004 as a way to plug Steve Austin’s guest host gig but the company has actually been talking about Goldberg and trying to get some kind of relationship going with him.

They realize he won’t come back and wrestle but they’re thinking of some kind of Legends deal to use his likeness in video games and such. Goldberg could also be possible for next year’s Hall of Fame in Atlanta since they’re running low on “main eventers” to induct.

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