Criticism in TNA, AJ Styles Works with Ron Simmons, Red Story

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Some of the criticism coming out of the TNA locker room has to do with how most of the “big name stars” that they’re bringing in won’t work many house show dates, if any at all.

– TNA World Champion AJ Styles appeared at a Punks International Wrestling show on March 6th in Cedartown, Georgia and wrestled former WCW star Air Paris. Styles wrestled as a heel in a match that had no finish as former WWE star Ron Simmons came out. Styles called Simmons “boy” and Simmons laid him out. Simmons was announced as the PIW’s new commissioner. His first order of business was that Kevin Nash would appear at the next show. TNA Knockout Velvet Sky also worked the March 6th show.

– Here’s a funny but true store regarding TNA’s Amazing Red. A reporter from FHM Magazine was sent to Orlando for a two-page story on TNA and to get photos of him being beaten up by Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky. While the reporter was there, Amazing Red complimented him on his Adidas tennis shoes. The reporter was given the shoes by a designer as a product placement type of deal. Red asked the reporter if he could trade the shoes for a signed Amazing Red t-shirt.

The reporter agreed, saying he got the shoes for free anyway. The reporter returned to work later and was asked by his editor and the shoe designer where the shoes were. He told them that one of the TNA wrestlers had them, causing the shoe designer to freak out. Apparently the shoes were a special prototype pair and the only pair in the world.

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