Former WWE Star Says He’s Coming to TNA, Bischoff Changes in TNA

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– It’s said that since Eric Bischoff came in to TNA, the way they write shows has changed. Before, creative always had things planned out well ahead of time. Now it’s said that they are doing more of a WWE style where they are always changing their minds. Some say that if there’s a long term direction for the storylines then they can’t tell what that direction is. Matches for pay-per-view and recent TV events have been changed the day of the show.

– Former WWE star Shawn Stasiak said on the Right After Wrestling show recently that he would probably be in TNA soon. Stasiak has been looking to get back into wrestling lately and has been working as a chiropractor. For what it’s worth, some people in TNA who should know if he was coming in or not say his name hasn’t even been mentioned.

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