Hardy and RVD Comment on iMPACT, Lockdown/Legends Update

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

– Jeff Hardy wrote the following on Twitter about his return to TNA last night: “ILoveSomeTNA..trust me my fans…I’m in an amazing place..believe in me&I refuse 2 let you down! This is a movement my fans…please join me where I am & let’s make history together because I…we can’t do this on our own..we need your commitment…I’ve always been cool with you…so I ax4 you to be cool with me now. Dixie is a badassBoss..LoveHer!”

– Rob Van Dam wrote this on Twitter about his debut with TNA on iMPACT: “Harmoniously, the world came together, as one, and chanted RVD Motherf$cker!”

– As noted before, TNA is trying to bring in wrestling legends for the Lockdown fan fest next month. They contacted WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race about appearing and he told them he would do it only if Vince McMahon gave him permission. Race says he doesn’t want to do anything that will hurt his relationship with McMahon.

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