Ring Rust Review: The Week In Review

We are a day away from TNA’s re-debut on Monday Night.  There seems to be a buzz about what’s going to happen this Monday. Before that let’s review what has transpired this week (spoiler alert).  First the WWE’s new darling NXT, I held off talking about this due to the fact I wanted to see how they would play this out.  The first week started out ok, Daniel Bryan made a pretty good statement (I’ve only seen him wrestle once live but I thought he was a lot taller).  Though they mentioned somewhat of a format on how this is going to go some parts are still unclear. Cole was kind of funny I guess, but he seems to have good chemistry with Josh. I wonder if they are going to make Daniel Bryan lose every week as a kind of “your not the big fish around here” attitude.  Still even in losing he showed his talents, even Vince was said to be impressed. Honestly I don’t mind seeing him lose as long as it’s a good match, it’s better than being Goldberged into the main event picture.

On to Raw, I’m not going to talk about the doombacle of the guest host gimmick, that rant deserves a column by itself. Let’s talk about the wrestling, what little there was.  Randy vs. Ted Jr. starts us off, I am trying to figure out who the “face” is in this, yes Randy gets the pop from the fans…sorry “universe” but I don’t think WWE is committed to a full face turn yet. I would prefer the “tweener” role due to it fitting Randy’s character better. As for Legacy I would love to see them expand you got so much to work with, Hart Dynasty for one, if they are ready Ted’s brother and/or Joe Henning.  Yes the “young guns” trying to establish themselves and going against the veteran established starts has been done, but I think it would be cool.  MVP and Jack Swagger are off to MITB.  Zack welcome to WWE Raw jobber zone, if you don’t know the rules talk to Santino and Evan they will fill you in. The Divas also had a match this evening please refer to the doombacle comment above. The main event featured a match between DX & “Two random guys they just put together on a drunkin’ stupor”, aka Big Show and Miz. The match ended as it should with Shawn being pinned thanks to the Undertaker.  We also got confirmation of the HHH vs. Shemale match at ‘mania.

On Thursday night it was the end of an era, TNA is moving to Monday nights. Note to Eric, yes Vince has done some stupid things in the past, but at least he didn’t take a company that was around for 13 years along with a heritage spanning decades and flush it down the toilet (David Arquette anyone?), glass house are a pain to clean. The former British Invasion team members seem to be enjoying a good push, these guys should be around most title pictures in the near future especially if TNA wants to do more shows in Europe.  This is why WWE kept the late Davey Boy Smith around, and why Regal is still somewhat prominent in storylines.  The tag team match was interesting, but I just find it sad that these companies would put belts on two random people they picked out of a hat (or afore mentioned drunkin’ stupor) instead of established teams that can do so much more with the belts.  Jerrett pulls double duty first against Morley and then Tomko. I love how Jeff says this was his company, but that was past tense Jeff your “stroke” doesn’t carry the weight it used to. This whole pairing of Hogan/Abyss and Flair/AJ just doesn’t feel right. AJ and Flair are nothing alike and have no chemistry, same with Hogan and Abyss. Hogan is going to go out Monday to this huge nostalgic pop then get it into his head that he is still over, which to be honest he kind of is and decide he should have “one last run” as a champion.  I hope not but patterns tend to repeat themselves.

We end the week with Smackdown, Edge is gearing up for his Wrestlemania match against The Big Slow. Now I don’t know where this sudden attraction to Britney Spears came from but he should probably talk to someone about it.  Edge did get a clean pin on ‘Show as well as another spear to Y2J.  The golden boy Drew McIntyre (still undefeated per Vince) takes on Matt Hardy and looses. Hold on what, seriously, no wait time out, 5 yard penalty on the play. Matt Hardy pinned someone and won, holy cow.  Drew’s reaction the past couple of weeks has been priceless; I like what they are doing with him. Tag team action is next; if you read anything above you know how I feel about the subject so let’s move on.  Wow Jimmy Wang still has a job, really, sorry Jimmy you just got Goldberged by Zeke Jackson.  The Punk/Mysterio feud progressed nicely with Rey beating Gallows; Rey vs. Punk should steal the show come Wrestlemania. We also saw a possible McCool vs. Beth match in the making for ‘mania.

So that’s it for last week, and the countdown is on for Monday. In a perfect world TNA’s ratings will skyrocket and the WWE product will improve 10 fold ushering in a new era of greatness. The perfect world yes, in reality well there is only one way to find out….let’s watch