TNA Officials Upset at Spike for Leaking RVD News

– TNA officials are “fuming” mad over the fact that SpikeTV posted the Tweet confirming Rob Van Dam’s signing with the company according to

TNA wanted RVD’s debut with the company to be a surprise, and did not want to announce it before this Monday’s live iMPACT broadcast, but after hearing the interview that Hulk Hogan did where he hinted at RVD signing with TNA, Spike officials jumped the gun and confirmed RVD’s contract signing.





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  • Horseman420

    They would have been the only one surprised….in this day and age the only way to keep a secret is to not tell everyone; hell, WWE wouldn’t let anyone backstage at the Rumble for fear someone would leak Edge was there…wise up TNA, Dicksie, Hulk, Bitchoff and the rest…………….

  • Lou

    TNA should just be happy SPIKE even puts that garbage on air. Watched the 3/4 Impact and just about every segment was trash with the exception of Mr. Kennedy err Anderson mocking Kurt Angle

  • PowerUp 5000

    Yep I agree with all the peeps that leak Info and etc and the websites its hard 2 keep things secret …I’m not shocked by this RVD signing at all I hope TNA gets better it will be good to have competion and great 4 all wrestling fans

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