RVD Comments on the TNA Rumors

– The big news yesterday came from a radio appearance by Hulk Hogan where he talked about a major name that just signed with TNA and strongly implied that the major name is Rob Van Dam. RVD posted a message on his official website stating:

“Wow, my phone has been buzzing all day, and not just because the room’s been smokey. Ever have one of those days where you can’t send out a text before two texts interrupt you. My attention span has been so distracted, I forget who I’ve called by the time the phone stops ringing and someone answers all the time. And not just because the room is smokey either.”

Van Dam stated that he’ll be making a number of radio appearances this morning (Friday) to address the TNA rumors. Van Dam appeared on Greenville, South Carolina’s New Rock 93.3 station this morning and said the following about signing with TNA:

“I would say there is a high probability that that’s going to happen. The official word is that it’s still rumor and I haven’t officially signed anything. It’s been well-publicized news that I’ve been talking to both WWE and TNA. But, talks with TNA are sounding really good lately.”





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  • joemoefoe

    thats ridiculous, he should be goin to the wwe, what is he gonna go down and win the x-division title? bc they have too many “big” stars…well big for TNA haha

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