Hulk Hogan Speaks on Wrestling for TNA, The Rock and More

– St. Louis’ has an interview with Hulk Hogan, who talks about wrestling against Ric Flair in a tag match on March 8th and his financial motivation for getting back in the ring. He also takes a shot at The Rock’s movie career. Hogan admits that his body is broken down, but he’s getting back in the ring because the fans demanded it. Here are some highlights:

Is He Able To Still Wrestle? “Oh, I can’t, brother. I was in Australia recently and did four dates wrestling Ric Flair. The first day I ran into Ric with a shoulder tackle and knocked him down. He popped up and came right back at me. I didn’t have my footing right. I was turned in when he hit me and my right hip popped out of its socket. The pain shot like a piece of electricity to my head and right behind my ear. I felt like my head exploded. I fell and dumbed it up against the rope until I could pop my hip back in. That was my first day back. I really didn’t want to wrestle, but I got into a situation with TNA when the fans are chanting ‘Hogan! Hogan!’ It’s hard to say no. I painted myself in a corner. Now I’m fighting a tag-team match March 8 with Abyss against Ric Flair and A.J. Styles. I did that to myself, but I really shouldn’t be wrestling anymore.”

His Financial Situation Pushing Him To Wrestle Again: “I was in a situation where I was kind of lost and I happened to walk by a ring in a gym. I reached out and touched it, and I got goosebumps. I knew I had a problem, kind of like being an addict. I said, ‘Oh boy.’ It’s like driving a fast car or being on a date with a beautiful woman. So, that was part of it. The other was necessity. After the last couple years, financially, I needed to do something. I was devastated financially.”

Hogan Takes a Shot at The Rock: “I thought about moving out to L.A. and doing the movie thing cause I have seventeen movies under my belt — mostly low-budget kid movies, kind of like what The Rock is doing now. My agent said they could put me in supporting roles. I’d never be a Gene Hackman or anything, but there is work for me. But I just wasn’t into it. I needed to to work and thought why not get back to what I love, wrestling?”





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  • robb

    That’s what bothers me about Hogan. His over inflated ego thinks that 3 Ninjas Strike Back is any better than Doom? Seriously?

  • Thomas

    yeah doom was cool cause the crock dies in the movie

  • Thomas

    doom was kewl for one reason the Crock dies. but then again during the hogan era i was more into watching warrior, savage, and micheals. during the Cock era i was more into watching Triple H, Micheals, & Taker

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