Undertaker Pissed Backstage About Pyro Incident at Elimination Chamber

– The Undertaker suffered burns to his chest at the WWE pay-per-view last night during a pyrotechnic accident during his entrance. Flames reached his jacket and burned it. Taker immediately ripped his jacket off and ran away towards the ring. He doused himself with water when he got to the ring before beginning the match.

On his way up the ramp after the match, Taker reportedly stopped and pointed over at the pyro booth and yelled at the men working it.

WWE sources indicate that Taker was extremely upset when he returned backstage after the match and was yelling about it while WWE officials tried to calm the situation.

– Here are some fan updates from the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view regarding The Undertaker’s pyro accident:

Chris sent the following: I am just returning from the PPV tonight. I wanted to send word along. During Taker’s entrance, he stopped on the the ramp and his fire shot up. He caught on fire, completely from head to toe. He threw his coat and hat off and ran to the ring. Luckily, the fire extinguished itself. Once he went into his pod, Referee Jack Doan handed Taker several bottles of water to cool himself. I can’t believe he competed in the match. It was one of the scariest things I have ever seen. He was completely engulfed for one to two seconds. It was unbelievable.

Andre sent the following: Undertaker’s coat accidentally caught on fire during his entrance. He then ripped off his burning coat. While in his pod referee constantly have him bottled waters to pour down his arm. Not sure if this was seen on camera.

After it went the PPV went off air he stormed up the ramp staring directly at the pyrotechnic area, stopped at the top of the stage (right next to the spot the pyro accidentally burned him) and yelled something at the pyrotechnics and made a threatening gesture before exiting the stage.

Also, when Undertaker left his pod, the door broke and couldn’t be closed back. Referee’s constantly tried to close is but was unsuccessful. It was kinda funny because minutes later, the pod Jericho hid in also got jammed open and couldn’t be closed.