Styles-WWE Message on Twitter, HHH Reveals When He Knew He Made It

– Joey Styles wrote the following interesting message on his Twitter earlier, after changing his username and dropping the “WWE” from it:

“Get the “F” out doesn’t apply anymore but there has been a brand change. My twitter name is now @JoeyStyles. I’ts NOT a WWE twitter account!”

– Triple H spoke to The Houston Chronicle this past week about the new WWE Mattel line and told them he knew he had “made it” as a WWE star once he got his first action figure. He said:

“It’s a huge moment for any of the guys. We all played with action figures when we were growing up. So to get yourself to the point where you’re immortalized with an action figure is a pretty cool thing,” ‘H candidly said. “It’s like having a statue of yourself. It’s a feeling of, wow, I’ve really made it. To be included as a figure that the company thinks people will buy, it’s huge.”

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