TNA Destination X Plans Change, Controversial TNA Segment News, More

Partial source:

– Agent meetings before this past Tuesday’s iMPACT tapings ran much longer than usual as major rewrites were done. Most of the changes made were said to be on the third and final show taped this week. Apparently they wanted to make changes because most of what was changed was written before the official announcement about March 8th was made.

– Sources report that next month’s Destination X pay-per-view will not be an all-X Division event, despite previous reports and advertising for the show. One TNA source noted that “it would look like an indy show” because there aren’t enough X Division wrestlers who are over enough. Word is that the X Division will be heavily featured on the pay-per-view and the Ultimate X match will still take place.

– The controversial footage of Orlando Jordan and his new male companion was not shown on last night’s iMPACT. No word yet if it was Spike or TNA that decided not to air it.

A correspondent at the tapings said that the two didn’t kiss but Jordan’s male companion put his hands all over Jordan’s body and went very slow around his crotch. They are doing a bi-sexual gimmick with Jordan as he came to the ring last night with the new male and a female companion. It’s no secret that Jordan is really bi-sexual.

Talk around the TNA locker room is that the male with Jordan on last night’s iMPACT is actually his real-life boyfriend.

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