More on Scott Steiner’s Release, Kurt/Karen/Jarrett Update

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– It’s said that Scott Steiner wasn’t offered a new contract by TNA because the company felt bringing in Ric Flair was worth more to them and with the bad blood from the past between Flair and Steiner, it just wouldn’t work out.

– As noted before, Karen Angle was backstage at the recent TNA iMPACT tapings. Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett aren’t on that bad of terms right now. Apparently Jarrett has gone to bat for Kurt regarding Kurt getting more time for visitation with his children. Kurt has told friends he’s considering moving to Nashville to be closer to work and his kids. There was a plan in place at the end of 2009 to do a Jarrett vs. Angle feud on TV based on the fact that Jeff and Karen are dating in real life but it was nixed.

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  • maggie

    i really dont get what jeff jarrett was thinking when he brought hulk hogan and eric bishcoff into tna dont he remember what happened to wcw.and the fact the fans in the uk dont get to see ppvs anymore way to get more fans there jeff

  • thomas

    well it wasnt jeff jarrett that brought him and bishcoff in it was dixie and her dad the ones that run the comany nemore jeff jarrett is just the founder not the owner anymore

  • maggie

    i still think it was a bad move to bring them in everybody saw what happened to wcw

  • Thomas

    it ws a bad move because hogan aint really doing much bischoff is really running things hogan is just there for the popularity

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