Ring Rust Review: War What Is It Good For V.2

So another episode has come and gone.  Now I won’t spoil to much of it even though watching the previews I bet most people can figure out how this night will go, still. *Minor spoiler starting* So can someone tell me why in a time when a lot of young prospective wrestlers are getting the future endeavored the WWE finds the money to drag poor Mae Young out from her con home in parts unknown for a stupid skit? Tell me please. Now I love Mae but really this is getting old (ha-ha…I made a funny). *End spoiler alert, returning to regular programming*  Raw was horrible and while I take back some of the nice things I said about Bischoff last column based on the crapfest this week maybe he’s on to something with this Monday Night thing……or maybe not.

Yes I do take back some things; I still think Eric was a better acquisition then the “brother from a bald mother”.  However this grand idea about starting another “war” just has disaster written all over it. Now before I get the “TNA has better talent and wrestling than WWE” let me explain my reasoning.  Yes TNA has a lot of great talent but initially it is not going to matter, WCW had cruiserweights and Sting and Ric Flair and Lex Lugar…..ok despite Lex Lugar they had good things going for them, but it’s not what got them the ratings at least initially. You see Eric had this great idea and a lot of Ted Turner’s money. They bought former WWE talent that Vince could not afford to keep. Now casual fans don’t really know the difference so when Hall showed up on Nitro hinting at an invasion they all thought “Hey Razor is in WCW I think WWF guys are trying to take over” That was the hook, they were invited for dessert and stayed for breakfast. Once hooked on the NOW thing and they got people’s attention that’s when they started showcasing what they had to offer.  The rest is historic as they say, but you see TNA can’t do that, see due to people jumping ship there became something called a no-compete clause meaning once you are let go of a company you can’t wrestle for another until a certain amount of time has past. So TNA has that weapon taken away (kind of ironic).

The other nice thing WCW version 1.0 is they had this little thing called the Turner Broadcasting Empire. You see WCW programming can be advertised in a whole host of channels and during events like those silly baseball and basketball playoffs, or maybe some major event or two. In short WCW could get all the exposure it wanted. TNA has the network formally known as The Nashville Network. Good luck with that, remember WWE was on Spike for several years and they couldn’t wait to get out of there. There must be a reason for that. Let’s not forget Monday Night also has that seasonal sport where guys in helmets run around after this odd shaped ball. I wouldn’t worry about that, probably a flash in the pan.

The last bit of ammunition is very simply history. A lot of people grew up with NWA/WCW programming. From what I understand if you lived in the south and it was 6:05 on Saturday you found yourself in front of the television watching Dusty Rhodes avoid another heat attach. Even though WCW cut ties with the NWA (sound familiar TNA) it was still connected to its rich history, even during the 90’s people could sit and watch with there kids saying “Hey I remember Ric Flair wrestling”. TNA does not have that long history, now granted history has to start somewhere and TNA is making some great moments and history for its fans but it’s too soon. Now based on my above comment this is one piece of ammunition that TNA has tried to use, that’s why Flair, Hogan & The Nasty Boys are there (ok not so much the Nasty Boys). The question remains is the ammo any good or will it fire blanks. Remember some of those old time fans might not be around or care anymore.

So like it or not that is my reasoning for not liking this coming war. If TNA truly wants to stand a chance then they should do what they originally started out doing, be different. Trying to fight fire with fire against the WWE will result in bad things. Trying to act like the WWE will only cause future endeavors. Be original, be innovative, be different then and only then will we have a war worth watching. These next few months should be interesting , if nothing else to see how or if Vince will respond, should be fun…let’s watch.




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  • Joshua Johnson

    The only problem with having Eric Bischoff is that he isnt worried about helping TNA he’s just hell bent on winning the war against Vince he started back in WCW. It’s not about TNA for him it’s his personal vendetta.

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