Video: TNA’s New Promo Video For Mondays




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  • sat

    has anyone else noticed that this opening video is filled mainly with ex-WWE stars and those who came back for this ‘monday night war’. What about the true tna wrestlers like samoa joe, abyss, jay lethal and the greatest wrestler in the world…the phenomenol aj styles. All i see is hulk hogan, ahole bischoff, scott hall and those has beens. Dixie, these bastards are just using tna to spite wwe, and you are falling for it. Sorry tna, you just sold out

  • vinnydictive

    how exactly does this video promote Monday nights? It looks like the Impact opening video to me…

    also, while I prefer TNA’s in ring product to that of WWE any day of the week, I must agree with the every word of the last post.

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