Vince Russo Talks About What It’s Like to Work In TNA

The Miami Herald has posted an interview with Vince Russo:

That’s why at the end of the day you can’t be friends with them outside of work. It’s no different than managing a baseball team. Basically, I’m handed a roster, and I have 50 names of guys and gals on that roster, and my job is to get every single one of those pieces of talent over. That’s my job. Put them in storylines. Enhance their characters. Put them on television. In that world, there are no favorites. You have to treat everybody the same, and I really feel — if I’ve done anything good in this business — I’ve been able to maintain that over the past 14 years or so.

What you’re dealing with in the wrestling business — and this is really where the problem occurs — the biggest issue I’m dealing with when it comes to talent is paranoia. The wrestling business was really built as these guys are independent contractors. So basically the way the business was set up 50 years ago was every man for himself. As independent contractors, each one was working for a spot. You still have that today, and that’s the mentality you have today. There’s no team environment, no matter what anyone tells you. Everybody’s trying to get their spot. So with that comes the paranoia — the looking over my shoulder, the how is this guy going to screw me, how is the writer going to screw me. That’s the biggest hurdle in working with talent.